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When deciding on who to hire in order to find relief from the yips, I advise clients to ask the person to define the yips and determine if what they describe is consistent with what you are experiencing. Ask them how many players they have worked with and how many were successful and what criteria was used for determining success. My goal for every client is not to just find relief, but to fall in love with throwing again, from any arm angle and in any situation. 

Most clients are kept confidential due to the needless stigma associated with the yips. That stigma will change as we continue to educate and create consistent solutions.

Tyler Matzek, Atlanta Braves

Jason changed my perspective on life, on everything. From the point I started working with him, the goal of getting back to the Big Leagues became realistic. He saved my career.


I've made IMMENSE progress from where I was when we first started. I went from not being able to play catch to comfortably making every throw in playoff baseball on national television. I went from being terrified of playing in front of crowds, to playing in front of a million people on TV at the College World Series. 

Minor League
AA Catcher

Throwing was great yesterday. Throwing the ball back to the pitcher was so much better! Thanks so much!

HS Catcher

I would recommend Jason’s program to any player suffering from the Yips. Jason was a game changer for my son and his help has been a transformative experience. He played a whole season not throwing one ball away, earned defensive player MVP and played catch with purpose, intent, confidence and most important freedom. Jason is and will revolutionize the players mindset and the stigma that is surrounding players with the Yips. The Yips can be defeated and Jason has been a tremendous resource for son and many others.

Pro Golfer

I had a beautiful experience last week, Played a round in a nice golf course and could feel the tension building up in several situations and shots. However, I had the great tool box to overcome them! I didn't yip a single one!

D1 Catcher

I'm at a point where I have the feel back and am able to pound the guy in the chest. I haven't felt this consistent or good in years! 

D1 Catcher
Power 5

Jason, I just wanted to send a note of deep gratitude. My son called and said for the first time, he finally feels like himself throwing in two and a half years. Last night he told us his staff and teammates were beginning to take notice. We don't know what this means because we're pretty sure they had planned to cut him loose, but this win feels amazing for me alone as his mom. I cannot imagine how he feels. I've wrestled in prayer for a breakthrough...and I'm not sure how to properly thank you, but THANK YOU!!!

JUCO Pitcher

Jason, had my best start this year today. Two innings on twelve pitches. I felt confident in what I was doing and had FUN out there! 

JUCO Catcher

For over a year, I couldn't find anyone who understood what I was going through until I met Jason Kuhn. He not only cured my throwing yips but his coaching changed my life.

D1 Power 5
All American

I went from not being able to play catch to comfortably making every throw in playoff baseball on national television. I went from being terrified of playing in front of crowds, to playing in front of a million people on TV at the College World Series.

HS Catcher

A year and a half ago, we weren't sure if my son was ever going to play again. He never quit and with your help he had a hell of a senior year and lead his team to win a state championship! Thank you SO MUCH. 

HS Softball Catcher

Not one bad throw all season!  She always attacked the lead runner and never settled for the easy out. She threw behind runners and never hesitated all season long. She also lead the team in hitting with an undefeated record and state champs. I could have dreamed of a better ending. 

D3 Pitcher

Today, in my fifth and final year of college baseball I made my debut. For a better part of the last 4+ years it was something I thought would never happen and that I was just not ever going to pitch again. I can't thank you enough. I feel like I can now officially say I beat the yips. INDESCRIBABLE HOW GOOD IT FEELS.

D1 Pitcher

Command is BACK! I've been playing nearly perfect catch at any intensity I want and my last scrimmage outing before the season I threw 74% strikes. Had no walks and 6 K's in four innings. I also threw 22/25 fastballs for a strike! LFG!

D2 Pitcher

Made really great progress today. We had indoor bullpens with coaches and players around. All being recorded on video. Really felt good about my throwing. Not one yipped throw and even with the tension around with coaches and players, I felt really free today. 

D1 Pitcher

I just finished my first week of practices at school and everything is going amazing. Baseball is fun again. Very thankful of your help in getting me back to doing what I love. 

Pro Coach

Jason, I just got back from Spring Training a couple of days ago. My ability to throw BP was way better. Still need to be more consistent but I appreciate all of your help. 

D1 Catcher

In addition to catching, he just threw 2 innings. No runs, walks or hits. 64% strikes. He hasn't pitched in 2 years due to the yips. He made the All star team for his collegiate summer league. The smile is back on his face. I can't thank you enough for what you are doing to help these young men. 

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